About Congress Realty

We are the largest provider of Flat Fee MLS Listings in the United States.

Congress Realty, Inc. is a licensed real estate brokerage in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Through a commitment to our clients, Congress Realty has established itself as the largest provider of flat fee MLS listings in the United States, by both volume of properties listed and volume of properties sold. No other competitor can make this claim. Plain and simple, we have listed and sold more properties than any other company/brokerage that offers the flat fee listing service.

We can be found through all major search engines, newspapers, many magazines, & blogs, including such prestigious publications as REALTOR® Magazine, Inman News, The Phoenix Business Journal, and ABC World News Tonight. As the industry leader, we have a full time staff with the expertise to assist you with the entire real estate transaction process.

J. Andrew English


Why Congress Realty is Different

Phone Forwarding

Our optional phone forwarding system allows all 3rd party leads can be forwarded straight to your phone. There is no middle man involved. Our computer based phone system forwards the caller straight to your phone so that you may speak to the potential buyer immediately and begin negotiating.

By The Book

We do not participate in any activities that are considered in the gray area. We understand all local state laws pertaining to real estate and follow them closely. We are in this business for the long haul.

Save Money

Our $299 Listing will save you money. We also offer numerous upgrades including electronic lockboxes in some markets. Affordable prices for these services are listed on the homepage of our website.

Fully Licensed

We are a licensed brokerage in every market that we operate. We are NOT an unlicensed referral-only website. We provide State association-approved contracts and disclosures. You can speak with an actively licensed broker before you list. Your listing will be placed on the correct MLS, not just any large MLS in your state.

Committed to Service

We are in the flat fee listing business for the long haul. We can typically list your property or make changes within one business day after receipt. We provide you a simple mechanism to submit changes to your listing and employ a full-time transaction coordinator to make sure they are processed smoothly. In the event something isn’t exactly the way you want it, you can call and speak to a live person anytime and we will work together to ensure you are satisfied with the listing and entire selling process.

Industry Leader

We have sold over $1B in properties and won awards since 2002. We are the the nation’s #1 Flat Fee Licensed Broker by listing volume according to REALTOR.com®. You can find us at every major search engine and major local newspaper sites. We have also won major volume production awards and have been recognized nationally by the media: everything from REALTOR® Magazine to ABC News World News Tonight. Over half of our business comes from word of mouth and repeat business.

We Answer Phones

Call us at 1-888-230-4824 or email us at info@congressrealty.com and you will notice that we answer our phones consistently and respond to email throughout the entire business day. Too many of our competitors refuse to take phone calls. (many times because they are involved in other professions) They simply wait for someone to leave a message, then listen to the message, and then decide if they want to return the call. Flat Fee Listings are the lifeblood of our business and what we focus all of our energy on. We understand that Real Estate is a full time profession that requires attention to detail and making yourself available at all times.

Client Portal

As a client of Congress Realty, you will receive exclusive access to our private client area. Upon logging into your personalized web page, you will be able to download and print your local state approved contracts, counter offers, addendums, etc… right from your home PC anytime you need them. In addition, from this same interface, you can submit changes to your listing, including uploading or changing photographs. Once we make the change request to your listing, (almost always within 1 business day) you then automatically receive a notification via email that your change has been completed.

Electronic Lockboxes

Congress Realty is proud to be one of the only Flat Fee MLS providers to offer Electronic Lockboxes in multiple markets. E-Lockboxes can help dramatically increase the number of showings a property receives, as well as providing the seller with information pertaining to which agents have accessed their home and when. (This is a great tool to acquire feedback on your property)

Max Photo Options

Do not be fooled by competitors who claim to offer you additional photos. If you read the fine print, they are usually only offering additional photos on their own website. Congress Realty’s max photo option allows the seller to post multiple photos on the actual MLS and Realtor.com®. Through our agreement with Realtor.com®, our seller’s can enjoy the benefits of multiple photos.